Specializing in quality refurbished machines
and hard to find "legacy" obsolete parts for K&S machines

Industry Contacts

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CCC Bonding Wire
This is the most consistent wire we have come across in all our years. Dr. Peter Douglas is a genius. You can’t go wrong.

These people are the best wedge bonding tools on the market.

Purchased Small Precision Tools. They make good capillaries.

Small Precision Tools
High quality ball bonding capillaries.

Dicing Blade Technology
We haven’t used these blades but hear good things about the company.

K & S
Also quality blades 2” and 4” hard and soft application blades.

Thermocarbon, Best hard application blades. The gold standard.

Disco USA
Great blades but not much North America support

These people purchased K&S’s Dicing Business. Good people to work with.

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